Design Process… of the horological kind.

A moderate change of subject for an architecture blog but there is an element of relevance and it is on one of my passions, so bear with me!

It is widely known in my close circles that I am a bit of a watch geek. I like all things horological and have a modest collection of rare and lesser-known pieces.

Earlier in 2012, I was invited to join the Forum Limited Edition Committee (FLEC) on the Christopher Ward London watch forum, populated by some excellent fellow watch enthusiasts. The purpose of the FLEC is to design the years limited edition watch for the exclusive purchase of forum members. Incidentally, Christopher Ward London is an excellent brand and I would exhort anyone to visit their website.

Why is this relevant, you may be asking? Well, I recently used the images I produced below as a comparison to architectural design process to illustrate that all design, be it for a house, an olympic park, a pair of shoes or a watch, follows a process, starting with a first idea and developing through a series of iterations to a finished article. Good design uses the iterative process to solve a series of problems and illustrates this in each new image, or model. Further to this, good design will involve the collaboration between parties to fine-tune the design as the process continues. In this instance, the FLEC engaged in often lively debate about how the design should evolve to provide a watch that the wider forum will want to purchase.

For those who are interested, I used ‘Sketchtime’ on my iPad for the early sketches, then moved onto ‘Vectorworks’ and ‘Illustrator’ for the next stage before finishing with a 3D model produced in ‘Vectorworks’ and rendered in ‘Artlantis’.

I will leave you here to enjoy the images and I welcome any comments. The final image was produced by the visualizers  at Christopher Ward as a pre-production illustration. I expect to be wearing the actual piece, one of a limited edition of 100, sometime towards the middle of 2013.




















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