The Power of the Pen, from a designers perspective.

It feels like an aeon since I last posted even though it has only been a couple of months. It does seem that the months of January, February and March tend to involve all things mundane and frantic and the opportunity to draw breath and engage in the pleasures of posting on my blog seems like a bit of a guilty pleasure.

Anyway, there have been some exciting developments here at JMA and I will post more on those later. In the meantime, I thought I would post about an often overlooked bit of technical wizardry, the humble pen.

I love gadgets and being an Architect provides me the wherewithal to engage in this passion and utilise all manner of gadgets in the course of my working day. However, I recently found myself sat inside on a gloriously sunny day, having been invited to a meeting to discuss the expansion potential for a large sports centre. The meeting started and proceeded as most meetings of this type do, with all parties offering their thoughts on how things should proceed, the client explaining that whilst he wasn’t sure what he wanted, he knew he wanted something and the potential for the discussion to turn into a fruitless one loomed.

Whilst a couple of the attendees were debating a particular point, I did a doodle in my notebook and waited for a pause in the discussion before turning the book around and asking the client if this is what he had in mind.

No sooner had I presented what is, in effect, an incredibly rough sketch, than the discussion became focussed on the issues relevant to taking the project forward. Shortly after this, the meeting was wrapped up and we could all wander outside and enjoy a walk in the sunshine.

The sketch is reproduced below, not as an expression of artistic ability but more as an aide memoir for any proponent of design that the humble pen and an ability to draw by hand is a skill that can achieve results.


parti sketch

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