Landscape helps sell new homes…

Such a simple message but also one that is, thankfully, becoming more prevalent and accepted. It is also a message that we here at JMA have subscribed to and one that underpins our masterplans or designs for new homes, as highlighted in this post.

One of our recent projects, currently wending its merry way through the planning consultation process, had at its heart a robust landscape design response that integrates an aim to enhance the sites low quality biodiversity with a desire to provide modern homes that people will want to live in. Whilst this scheme is only for eight new homes, a miniscule number when considered against the 230,000 new homes that are needed each year, it does illustrate how a rich and biodiverse landscape can be integrated with high quality dwellings.

residential, detached homes, landscape, daytime render, artlantis, vectorworks, ancient woodland

Follow the link below for an uplifting statement by Noel Farrer, President of the Landscape Institute. Contact me if you have any questions about how the synergy between landscape design and building design can enhance your project.

Quality landscape key to profitable development

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